We recently started putting together some CTL Merchandise for players/fans to purchase to show support of our league and teams.Check it out! We have lots of options for team and league shirts and clothes with your logos on them. We are hoping to raise a little bit of money from the sale of these shirts to offset the price increase for 2016.

We decided to try a couple different sites.

  1. Teepublic – It does the basics, your team logo is put on the front of a t-shirt (but other kinds of shirts and sweatshirts are available). These are the cheaper option for the shirts… no frills, but some nice stuff. Prices for basic T’s is $20 (or $14 if you order within 72hours of us posting a design). CLICK the BANNER BELOW TO SEE OUR TEEPUBLIC CTL STORE
  2. The Loyalist – this site does some awesome stuff… its really focused on sports. You can get customized team shirts with your logo on the front, secondary logos/league logos on the sleeves, and your player numbers and names on the back. You can also get customized baseball shirts with your team color as the sleeves. These are a little pricier, but worth it if you can swing it. Check it out. CLICK the BANNER TO SEE OUR LOYALIST CTL STORE
    BE SURE TO USE OUR “CTL10” code for 10% off the loyalist store
  3. Corporate Casuals – this site is the least friendly for us to instantly upload designs and for you to see what you will be getting… but we do make slightly more per shirt on here than the other shirts for the league. For now… we’ve just put up our LEAGUE SHIRTS like Chris gave all the managers at the meeting… the ones with the Stitched on CTL logo. If anyone wants to see more options on here, we can try to add more team logos or whatever you want.