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President: Chris Barsa or
Vice President, Web Designer/Master: Scott Dickens
Vice President, Stats/Rules Keeper: Ken Cook
Vice President, Treasurer/Advisor: Don Fodaski
Vice President, Umpires/Advisor: Brian LaRochelle


Brickhouse Indians:
Manager: Chris Barsa or
Coach: Keith Echevarria

Bristol Knights:
Manager: Brian LaRochelle
GM / Coach: Scott Dickens
Coach: Earl Oakes
Coach: Rick Barrett
Coach: Steve Clout

Glastonbury Pirates:
General Manager: Zach Cloft
Manager: Todd Kessell
Special Advisor to the GM:Bill Eller

Willimantic Ridges:
Manager: Mick Moulin
Coach: Pete Moulin
Coach: Todd DaCunha

Elmers Silver Bullets:
Manager: Ken Cook
Coach: Russel LaFleur
Coach: Nick Dinino

East Hartford Angels:
Manager: Dan Scully
Coach: TJ DiFiore
Coach: Jackson Mistretta

Chicago Sam’s Orioles:
Manager: Don Fodaski or
Coach: Mike Rigdon

Loco Perro Expos:
Manager: Brian Timmes
Coach: Greg Johnson
Coach: James Turner

East Hampton Royals:
Co-Manager: Adam Michaud
Co-Manager: Brian Kohn or
Coach: Zack Turner

Wethersfield Dodgers:
Manager: Nico Spuches
Coach: Christian Spuches


Hartford Umpire Board Leader: Brian Kurnik (860)508-5627
Contact him only if I’m not available or no umpires show up at your games.

Nutmeg Umpire Board Leader: Phil Johnson (860)884-2835