This is year four of the Chicago Sam’s Orioles. The team is led by managers Don Fodaski and Mike Rigdon. Home games are played at Rose Hill in Portland and Rocky Hill High School. The Orioles were formed back in 2014 when the old Tri-County Twins broke apart. Each season has seen the Orioles win more games with its first winning season in 2016 We hope to continue that trend in 2017 and get even better

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Team Founded: 2014

Coaching Staff:
Manager/Player: Don Fodaski
Assistant Manager/Player: Mike Rigdon
Head of Player Recruitment: Brendan Sullivan

Home Fields:
Rocky Hill High School
Rose Hill – Portland

Team History:
The Orioles are still a new team to the league, but hope to make some history this year with their first CTL title!

Chicago Sam’s Sports Bar and Grill

2017 Roster:
4 Don Fodaski (Manager), 2B – 11th season
9 Dustin Mocadlo OF, P – 5th season
12 Cody Crickmore 1B, 3B – 4th season
7 Chris Dibble C, INF – 4th season
10 Judson Monroe OF, P – 4th season
24 Mike Rigdon (Asst Manager) 1B, C, P – 2nd season
8 Brendan Sullivan (Player Recruitment) 3B, OF – 2nd season
11 Rafael Garcia SS, 3B – 2nd season
5 Chris Bouchard 2B – 2nd season
3 Nate Narducci DH, OF, 3B – 2nd season
20 Adam Camilleri DH, C – 2nd season
45 Zack Graves P – 2nd season  (Sub player, fill in pitcher)
19 TJ Fearon P – 2nd season
44 Justin Thomas P, OF – 2nd season
1 Zack Mack P – 2nd season
14 Noah Shaw P – 2nd Season
15 Cole Ogorzaleck P – 1st season
17 Liam Gallagher P – 1st season
23 Zack LaRosa P – 1st season
13 Kian Downes OF, P – 1st season
6 Christian Garcia OF – 1st season
Spencer Bunting P – 1st season