Coaching Staff:
Joe Michaud – Manager
Adam Michaud – Coach
Fritz Leue – Coach
Home Fields:
Memorial Field, Moodus
The Moodus Nationals are a new team to the MTL. They are comprised of mostly young guys from the greater Moodus area, and many played ball for the legion program there. They were started for the 2014 season as an expansion team in the MTL, under the direction of Buddy Altomaro, Joe Michaud, and Fritz Leue
Adam Michaud
Spencer Daly
Steve Leonetti
Dylan Yaworsky
Coner Moylan
Nate Heroux
Joel Hara
Jake Linares
Matt Sylvia
Matt Gilman
Will Dalton
Troy Deleon
Mike Sturgis
Ryan Massie
Matt Wells
Jon Comer